Wednesday, January 6, 2010

123 st

I've been finding a ton of old Sesame Street sketches recently and I was thinking I'll make it a thing to start posting them every so often! We've been showing them to my nephew, now 5 months - it doesnt matter if we put an old one on or he just watches the new ones, he just loves them and I think it's been perfect for 40 years. They take their characters as intensely as they should be and never talk down because the show is not about lessons but just stories based on defining clear emotions, which is what any good story should be concerned with. There are many secrets of storytelling in great kids shows, especially since their numbers are so scarce these days.

and now, twoooooo for the first, three to get...nope.
-this makes me think his love goes beyond cookies and might be based on an attraction to circles, like his googly eyes
-they're also fully aware that imagination is closest to insanity

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


People need an illusion - art forms are based on this. It's like a magic trick - actually sawing a person in half isn't the appeal; its the creation of a universe where a person can exist in two halves without pain or blood. The idea is baby-like, but hopeful, creating stories to escape reality. Because great art is about love, not reality. When you love something, you know its feel, its style, its rhythm - this is its vibration. Reality is interchanging vibrations, but being a product of love, great art's vibration is attractive. Therefore great art must maintain the fiction, the illusion to be "truthful".

To consider film or animation, their illusion is framerate. Everyone knows the pictures are not moving - in film it is not as obvious, but people know the movement is not the same as in real life. Every frame rate has its own rhythm or speed & must fit the "groove" of what its capturing, keeping the illusion in tact. Certain framerates have certain ingrained effects on people based on what they know of, for example relating 16mm film to a home move made during the 1960s, or perhaps an even deeper set effect. This relates to the rest of the film or animation & produces an effect just as much as the music, lighting, backgrounds or sets used do.

This is something I'd like to keep in mind, so I'm just putting it on here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On Post-Reapings of Forbidden Fruit

I am currently in the pre-pre-pre-production stages of an animated series ("car⋅toon") concerning a Junior High school set at a junction plane between various universes. This plane is called the Alternate Learning Terrain, hence "ALT", the name of the show. The story concerns the school's aims to teach that laws of physics, nature, and reality are constantly changing in our expanding universe, leading to insane humorous and dramatic events transpiring in a 29.6 minute time period concerning several characters of a flamboyantly "animated" nature. The main character, Tommy, is a 13-year-old orphan from our universe (as close to it as cartoons get) who lives in an apartment building on his own (adopted by the kindly landlord Mr. Angles). Tommy has a stutter, which leads him to be extremely shy, hiding behind his long hair. Instead of attempting to speak, Tommy gets out his expressions through dance moves, though having no dance experience, he moves with a natural passion (he has learned through watching Michael Jackson, Gene Kelly, & Fred Astaire intensely in his childhood, left behind for him by his parents. Drama!!).


A wormhole appears in Tommy's bedroom one day. These things tend to be unexplained! Especially how it leads him to ALT & how he decides to go to this crazy universe school, finding a much better reality in a lack of one. Tagline? Perhaps. From there on in certain things start happening, dealing with energy, the space-time continuum, astral bodies, universal vibrations, and hormones. Did I mention they're 13? And there's a girl! Several, actually. Men, too. Adults, seniors. A general assorment of humans, picked fresh for their characteristic goodies.This show will be extremely math - a big use of sin wavs, spirals & the like. I like relating physics & math to the nature of the universe. In fact, I like relating. A lot of that will be going on too - sin wavs & spirals to dance, music & grooves to vibrations, emotions as vibrations seeking each other out, what grooves together etc. A lot of the teachings will be on universal similarities, evolution, formations - basically teaching kids the unpredictibility of the expanding universe.


And now, sketches!

Tommy's astral projecton with his dance moves embodying sin wavs NEERRRRRRD

The fact that Tommy looks like me is purely coincidental. I just happened to portray his older self in a film of mine. We're quite the pair.

The best friend/love interest/fellow dancer. Katie Cutchins if you can't shouldn't be here.

is anyone reading these?

Saturday, November 7, 2009


switch comma + maybe = ...uh, sort of. NEXT ---> and here we are.

It is terrifyingly, rapidly occurring to me that, while this post is being made, I am in fact typing it. While this may seem unavoidable & somewhat conclusive by outside readers, I can assure you with no discrepancy that I have no idea what I'm typing at this very moment in time. There's a kind of interesting freedom to let your fingers glide over a keyboard and just progress in movements of words that sit around the language center of my brain that I've probably pulled from past conversations. Certain words lead into others and you can basically make entire sentences, conversations, arguments without ever having to pay attention to anyone or even yourself with respect to what you're saying (or typing). Significant? Useful? I don't even remember what I was saying.

Reader beware, you're in for a (stream of rapidly fluxing half thoughts that manage to be translated into nerve impulses and muscular pulls ending up as digital written word).

Do I make it silly? Fun? Sp-acing w i t h visualGags? I'm just not gonna think about it. Is that the idea of a blog? Maybe. But who has time to employ that kind of retrospective on internet culture? We-he-he-hell, CERTAINLY not me. I wouldn't waste my time. In fact this whole thing can stop right