Wednesday, January 6, 2010

123 st

I've been finding a ton of old Sesame Street sketches recently and I was thinking I'll make it a thing to start posting them every so often! We've been showing them to my nephew, now 5 months - it doesnt matter if we put an old one on or he just watches the new ones, he just loves them and I think it's been perfect for 40 years. They take their characters as intensely as they should be and never talk down because the show is not about lessons but just stories based on defining clear emotions, which is what any good story should be concerned with. There are many secrets of storytelling in great kids shows, especially since their numbers are so scarce these days.

and now, twoooooo for the first, three to get...nope.
-this makes me think his love goes beyond cookies and might be based on an attraction to circles, like his googly eyes
-they're also fully aware that imagination is closest to insanity